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EPIK4 is a synth refill based on the sounds of KAWAI K4 synthesizer. It gives you sounds of the 90s with a modern twist.

The KAWAI K4 was released in 1989 as a competitor to the Roland D-50.
In this point of view, EPIK4 can be considered as a sister of DEEPFLIGHT, but while the Roland D-50 has a warm analogue character, the K4's digital filter gives you fuzzy but still warm sounds.

EPIK4 rack

Please note that EPIK4 is not a software emulation of the KAWAI K4 synthesizer! It is a sample based library. The instrument we used was only a raw material: the recorded samples were the starting points. We have exploited the specific features of REASON and created a vivid, live sounding library.

    Download EPIK4 manual




Refill features


• K4 Combinator bank: 128 patches (for instant inspiration)

• K4 NN-XT Bank: 288 patches (for everyday use)

• K4 NN-19 Bank: 226 patches

• Rex Loops: 14 Octo Rex sets & 112 rx2 melodic loops (for KLP)

• samples: 1138 wav files in 24 bit resolution (1.3 GB in total)

Sound categories

NN-XT bank:
• [All Layers]
• K4 Arp & Short Key
• K4 Atmosphere & Pad
• K4 Bass [poly]
• K4 Experimental & FX
• K4 Key & PolySynth
• K4 Lead [poly]
• K4 Monosynth
• String & Orchestral

Combinator Bank:
• K4 Arp & Rhythmic Sequence
• K4 Atmosphere & Pad
• K4 Bass
• K4 Experimental & FX
• K4 Key & PolySynth
• K4 Lead
• K4 String & Orchestral

    See the patch list of EPIK4


Extensive editing techniques

We used multiple velocity layers, multi-layering, alternate triggering and sample start offset to achieve fat and responsive synth sounds. In general, the modwheel controls the filter modulations and aftertouch adds vibrato effect.

Most of the patches are velocity sensitive and have been designed to live performers, so a good remote compatible midi keyboard (with modwheel, control knobs and aftertouch) is higly recommended.




EPIK4 requires Reason 6.5 or more recent version. The NN-XT bank will work both in Reason Essential and in the previous versions of Reason, but most of the Combinator patches won't load.




Andras Haasz: main idea, recording & editing, sound design, artwork

Patrick Maerker: demo song

Samuel Haasz: consulting editor

All samples were recorded and processed by PinkNoise Studio in 2016.

Kawai K4 synth




EUR 25.00   


You will receive your license code via e-mail within 24 hours.

license agreement

You will receive your license code via e-mail within 24 hours.

download help



Demo refill

16 Combinators,
18 NN-XT and 14 NN-19 patches..





Sound demo

All instrument sounds from EPIK4. Drums and effects from ESSENCE. Produced and performed by Patrick Maerker aka symbiont.