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You will receive licence codes for downloads. Delivery: via e-mail within 24 hours.

Important: make sure your e-mail address is correct and active otherwise we can't deliver to you what you have paid for! Furthermore, please set all local and server-side spam filters to accept mail from

Please note that you need to login to our Users' Area to download the full products. If you haven't created a user account yet, we recommend that do it on Reasonbanks before your first purchase. It's free and painless ;-)

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  Bundled products

Click for details... BIG BUNDLE 4 (2014)

All refills of PinkNoise Studio in one BIG pack:
Analogue Monsters 3, Cybervox, Deeplfight, KLP1, KLP2, Orange4, Matrix, Proton3, proVitamin, QuickSilver, Revolver, Virology and Voyager

Download size: 12 GB in total

price: EUR 184  (instead of € 306 - you save 40%)    

note: BIG BUNDLE contains all refills of PinkNoise Studio - refills of Eric are not included (Quadrasynth & Analog Night)!


  Downloadable Refills


Click for details... Analog Night refill NN-XT refill

Download size: 607 MB

price: EUR 30.00  


Click for details... ANALOGUE MONSTERS 3 refill

Download size: 3.4 GB

price: EUR 60.00  



Click for details...Cybervox refill  

Download size: 423 MB

price: EUR 22.00


Click for details...Deepflight refill

Download size: 526 MB

price: EUR 22.00  


Click for details...keyboard loop player vol. 1

Download size: 334MB

price: EUR 15.00  



Click for details...keyboard loop player vol. 2

Download size: 466MB

price: EUR 15.00  



Click for details...MATRIX refill

Download size: 730 MB

price: EUR 22.00  

note: MATRIX is free for Analogue Monster owners!


Click for details...ORANGE4 refill

Download size: 1.5 GB

price: EUR 39.00  


ORANGE3 and LEMON users, please login and check the special offers for upgrade price!


Click for details...PROTON 3 refill

Download size: 523 MB

EUR 22.00


Click for details...proVITAMIN MKII General Midi refill

Download size: 232 MB

EUR 22.00


Click for details...QUADRASYNTH STORY NN-XT refill

Download size: 559 MB

price: EUR 30.00  


Click for details...QuickSilver NN-XT refill

Download size: 380 MB

EUR 22.00


Click for details...REVOLVER refill

Download size: 1.01 GB

price: EUR 22.00  


Click for details...VIROLOGY refill  

Download size: 1.2 GB

price: EUR 30.00  



Click for details...VOYAGER refill

Download size: 1.22 GB

price: EUR 30.00  






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