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   ORANGE NNXTension add-on refill            (by PinkNoise)






It requires the original O.Range XTension!

Note: this refill requires the original O.Range XTension!

Although we have reoptimized all NN-19 patches and ReDrum Kits, the most important part is definitely the NN-XT section.

We usually say that these NN-XT patches are optimized for using NN-XT. What does it exactly mean?

Well, in the NN-19 you can automate all faders and knobs via MIDI. In NN-XT you can only automate the global controls. It's not a step back, but comes from the philosophy of the 2 device. NN-19 is a simple sampler, it handles only 1 layer, while NN-XT is designed to contain unlimited number of layers which are totally independent from each other. It would be confusing (or to be more precise: not possible) if you were able to control the parameters of these layers through MIDI. Instead, you can only control the global parameters.

The main point is that we've optimized our NN-XT patches for the extensive use of global controls. You can turn any knobs, it will work.
Nevertheless, when you just load an old NN-19 patch into the NN-XT, in many cases some knobs (eg. the decay) won't work.




NN-XT section - 235 NN-XT patches

 Arp & Sequencer      (23)
 Bass    (44)
 Bells & Brass    (19)
 Choirs & Strings    (18)
 Drums & Percussions   (5)
 Experimental & FX    (22)
 Keys & Organs     (22)
Leads     (22)
 Pads & Atmosphere  (60)

NN-19 section - 220 NN-19 patches

We reorganized and made some optimisation, fine tuning on the original patches:

 MW Arp&Sequencer
MW Atmospheric
MW Bass
MW Bells
MW Brass
MW Choirs
MW Classic
MW Experimental
MW Keyboards
MW Leads
MW Organs
MW Pads
MW Percussion

Redrum section - 12 kits

The ReDrum section is the same as the original.


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